Episode 5 | September 10, 2017


The idiots have moved to North County…and the ‘North County Welcoming Committee’ is out in full force. Hannah and Steven tell stories from their first full week of co-habitating and give advice to listeners’ questions from the week (including Steven’s really in-depth chocolate milk metaphor).

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Episode 3 | August 20, 2017


This week the idiots introduce the first sounds of their idiot spawn! Plus Steven announces his “idiot baby name of the week”, ¬†Hannah’s annoying but endearing habit & the idiots answer a listener’s complicated question…

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Episode 2 | August 13, 2017


Welcome to Episode #2 of #MyIdiotSoulmate! This week Hannah & Steven reveal their Baby’s name, & Hannah receives an unsolicited text. Plus Steven, Hannah & Producer Dan Brozo answer listener questions! {Please submit your questions on our CONTACT page}

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Episode 1 | August 6, 2017

Hey Idiots!

Now introducing the debut episode of the #myidiotsoulmate podcast with idiot soulmates Steven Lee Woods, Hannah Jane Nancarrow & producer Dan UnknownMiddleName Brozo!

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Lots more to come, enjoy!