About These Idiots


Most people prefer to live in a fantasy world wherein their soulmates are flawless angels, gifts from the heavens, basking in perfection and kissed with glitter. Other people prefer to be honest and call their soulmates what they truly are…idiots.        We are the latter.

No, we are not travel bloggers, foodies, nor an “adventure couple”. You’re welcome.

Steven “Woodsy” Woods  Radio DJ at iHeartRadio San Diego. Originally from Dallas, TX. Obsessive rescuer of dogs. Wanton adult baseball league player/manager. Devout NY Yankee fan.

Hannah Jane Nancarrow  Native San Diegan. Self-proclaimed #realtorinyogapants with Nancarrow Realty Group. Daughter of the late San Diego TV icon, Loren Nancarrow. Spin class and CVS enthusiast.