Episode 12 | December 13, 2017


The idiots drop-in to discuss sleep (and lack thereof), birthing class and they also answer a listener question!

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Episode 11 | December 6, 2017


Long time no ‘see’! Due to technical and hormonal issues (ie; faulty equipment and pregnancy) MIS has been MIA, buttttttt tonight we come to you from the comfort of our bed!

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Episode 10 | October 27, 2017


We are so excited to have Dan Brozo back with us for Episode 10! We talk nesting and waxing, and we once again dive into the Idiots’ Mailbag to answer your questions!

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Episode 9 | October 9, 2017


Weee’rrrreeee back and diving DEEP into the Idiots’ Mailbag to answer your life’s most pressing questions. And, frankly, we’re a little taken aback by how deep you trust us to go…

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Episode 8 | September 29, 2017


This week we welcome fellow idiots-in-love, Meryl Klemow and Jack Taylor! We reach into our Idiots’ mailbag to answer a question about MONEY and we also spend an inordinate amount of time discussing our combined eight dogs!

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Episode 7 | September 27, 2017


A quickie #MyIdiotSoulmate where we discuss our recent shotgun wedding and we wish a very happy birthday to Hannah’s dead dad!

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Episode 6 | September 18, 2017


The idiots welcome Idiot-in-Training, Elyse Dittrich! We talk dating and the baby race. Plus, we dive into our idiots’ mail bag.

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Episode 5 | September 10, 2017


The idiots have moved to North County…and the ‘North County Welcoming Committee’ is out in full force. Hannah and Steven tell stories from their first full week of co-habitating and give advice to listeners’ questions from the week (including Steven’s really in-depth chocolate milk metaphor).

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Episode 3 | August 20, 2017


This week the idiots introduce the first sounds of their idiot spawn! Plus Steven announces his “idiot baby name of the week”,  Hannah’s annoying but endearing habit & the idiots answer a listener’s complicated question…

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Episode 2 | August 13, 2017


Welcome to Episode #2 of #MyIdiotSoulmate! This week Hannah & Steven reveal their Baby’s name, & Hannah receives an unsolicited text. Plus Steven, Hannah & Producer Dan Brozo answer listener questions! {Please submit your questions on our CONTACT page}

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